Our Culture: Creating Joy & Connection

The Wildkind movement aims to provide moments of joy and connection to people around the world. Our job as a company is to create the ideal conditions for these emotions to thrive: experiences that inspire human curiosity and a community that is supportive of human endeavour. 

These are challenging goals and to achieve them we need a company of outstanding people with a coherent working culture. We have diverse skill-sets and viewpoints but are excellent at communicating to ensure our efforts are aligned. 

Team Values & Behaviours

These are the values and behaviours we have identified as the most important to our culture. We try to exhibit them at all times, hold each other accountable to them, and we use them as a guide when deciding who we have on the team. If they describe you and the people you want to be surrounded by at work, then you will prosper at Wildkind.

You Are Ambitious 

Adjective: having or showing high aspirations with a strong desire and determination to succeed.

  • You believe in your ability to achieve outstanding things.
  • You take pride in every detail of your work.
  • You push the company towards great achievements.
  • You push yourself towards excellence in your position.
  • You give and receive feedback in a positive way in search of continual improvement.

You Are Committed

Adjective: pledged or bound to a certain course or policy; dedicated.

  • You are devoted to serving our customers and community.
  • You deliver on any commitments you make.
  • You take accountability for mistakes and get them back on track.
  • You don't get distracted from the goals we agree on together.
  • You are tenacious in overcoming obstacles to achieve our goals.

You Are Dynamic

Adjective: characterised by constant change, activity, or progress.

  • You focus on outcomes and results to prioritise your efforts.
  • You proactively test ideas and make improvements.
  • You seek facts and data to inform your discussions and decisions.
  • You make informed but swift decisions.
  • You are always learning, improving and adapting.

You Are Supportive

Adjective: providing encouragement or emotional help.

  • You lift people up with support and encouragement.
  • You are actively inclusive and listen to and consider everyone's ideas and opinions.
  • You are open to failing and ensure others feel safe to fail or make mistakes.
  • You celebrate your individual and group accomplishments, sharing recognition fairly.
  • You ask for help and support whenever you need it, and help others whenever required

You Are Genuine

Adjective: truly what something is said to be; sincere & authentic.

  • You act in the best interests of the company at all times.
  • You are open with information even if it is uncomfortable to share.
  • You communicate clearly, concisely and coherently.
  • You conduct difficult conversations in a professional manner.
  • You are not arrogant; no individual is more important than another or the group.

These values are not fixed, we continue to develop them as we learn more about the best way to work together.

Company Principles

Beyond the behaviour of individuals, the company holds the following guiding principles which we use to inform our goal setting and decision making.

Adventure & Creativity

We believe that creativity and adventure are what make life exciting and fulfilling. They underpin everything we do. We provide opportunities to experience creativity and adventure to our customers, and we practise them daily ourselves. Adventure and creativity can happen on a grand or small scale, and they can be shared or individual. You cannot be creative or adventurous without taking risks.

Try, Learn, Improve

The only thing we know works for certain is the process of Trying, Learning and Improving. So that’s what we do; over and over. If we have an idea, we turn it into action.

Innovation & Excellence

We don't accept it when people tell us that's the way things are or that will never work. We strive to bring new ideas to life and to improve the world we live in.

Diversity & Inclusion

We treat everyone equally. We see value in the richness of diverse backgrounds and thinking. We make everyone feel welcome, supported and safe in our company.

Impact & Sustainability

We are building for the long term. What we create must have a positive impact on the environment and communities that we work within. We take responsibility for ensuring that our work is sustainable.

Autonomy & Responsibility

We grant everyone the trust to make decisions on the basis that they always act in the best interests of the company. We all take responsibility for the health of the organisation and progress towards our goals. We share recognition and reward with everyone who has contributed.

Work & Life

We are in a symbiotic relationship with the company. This is a delicate balance that is always fluctuating and needs constant attention. Your individual needs must be met in order for you to be able to contribute to the company, and the company must have its needs met in order for it to support you. We want to ensure you have the time and resources to dedicate to family, friends, health, travel and culture outside of work so that we can achieve incredible things together inside of work.