Operations Manager

A rewarding role for an operations expert that has the organisational abilities to turn a successful creative startup into a business that runs like clockwork. You will be instrumental in bringing joy to thousands of people as you deliver high quality products and experiences to our customers, on time and on budget.

You will take leadership over the operations of the business, applying your skills and experience to developing efficient working practices and rigorous quality controls that can withstand the pressures of high growth. We are a supportive team and will invest in education and experimentation to push the boundaries of your abilities and our shared achievements.

Key Information

Salary: £45,000 to £55,000 per year depending on experience

Social: Annual retreat and monthly adventures/parties

Health: £500 per year for your physical/mental health

Education: £1000 per year for your learning and development

Annual Leave: 30 days (including public holidays)

Location: Hybrid (Minimum 5 days per month in London Office)

Hours: Flexible 40hrs per week (3 core hours per day between 10:00-18:00 GMT/BST)

Start Date: Mar-Apr 2022

Application Deadline: 6th Feb 2022

We are currently experimenting with our approach to hybrid work and flexible hours to find our optimum team setup. Some prefer the office hubbub, some prefer being home. We are goals focussed and want everyone to feel fulfilled in work and life, so we will look to integrate whatever helps you to be your best.

Your goal

Improve the quality and efficiency of our products and experiences

You will be

Taking over the day to day operations of the business and working on improving the way it runs.

Experience & Product Delivery

  • Managing the delivery of our events and experiences, ensuring they are of the highest quality, run punctually, meet our sustainability standards and are profitable
  • Managing the manufacturing, warehousing, order management and logistics of our retail products, ensuring they meet our quality, ethical and sustainability standards, are delivered in a timely fashion and meet pricing requirements

Efficiency & Profitability

  • Assuming ultimate responsibility for the productivity, efficiency and sustainability of the business, its day-to-day operations and its long term growth
  • Creating forecasts and managing budgets to deliver the maximum profitable growth from existing business lines
  • Continually working to improve the value for money we can deliver to our customers and the profitability of the business
  • Planning the strategic purchase of assets along with their maintenance and management to improve our long-term financial and environmental sustainability
  • Evaluating the performance of the business operations by creating measurement systems, interpreting the data and creating reports

Policies & Procedures

  • Designing and implementing operating procedures and policies to underpin the future growth of the business
  • Developing and implementing a system of quality assurance to maintain standards as our portfolio grows

Recruitment, Procurement & Partnerships

  • Planning the requirements and recruitment of all staff required to operate the business
  • Building a trusted network of approved suppliers and maintaining strong working relationships with them
  • Leading the procurement of goods and services required for the operations of the business, including the negotiation of contractual terms
  • Creation of training and onboarding processes to ensure the effective integration of  staff and suppliers into the business and the proliferation of our culture and values
  • Researching and creating strategic partnerships and alliances that help us deliver more value to our customers and maintain a position of leadership within our industry


  • Ensuring all legal, regulatory, compliance and licensing requirements are met by our business operations
  • Ensuring all association and kitemark fair trade, sustainability, diversity and similar standards are met by our business operations
  • Assuming overall responsibility for health & safety within the business
  • Auditing supply chain and partners to ensure they also meet the above requirements


  • Taking the lead on our goal to be Zero Emission and Zero Landfill by 2025, coordinating the efforts across all departments, and measuring and reporting on our progress

New Opportunities

  • Assisting with research and development of new products, experiences and business lines, including conducting feasibility studies and risk analyses
  • Building systems to operate any future growth opportunities we decide to pursue
  • Project management of special one-off projects

You are

  • Obsessed with delivering outstanding customer experiences
  • Passionate about sustainability and diversity 
  • Great at fostering long-term relationships with suppliers
  • Adept at communicating with many different types of people
  • An aficionado of systems, processes and automation
  • A skilful negotiator
  • Outstandingly organised with a fastidious attention to detail 
  • Able to create a cooperative and collaborative work environment 
  • Comfortable working on big picture strategies and the day-to-day grind, and good at switching between those mindsets
  • Driven to deliver business results and growth

You will need

  • Demonstrable experience of operating a profitable business or business line that successfully grew under your stewardship
  • Demonstrable experience of building systems, processes and automations and their impacts on the quality and efficiency of the products, experiences or businesses they were applied to
  • Expert project management and interpersonal skills

About Wildkind

Wildkind is primarily an events business with two market leading event properties; Camp Wildfire and Camp Kindling. Since being founded in 2015 we have been growing at 100% year on year. Over the next 10 years we aim to take our unique events worldwide to inspire, challenge and entertain over 1 million customers. 

An incredible community has grown around our events and is now the centrepoint of everything we do. As well as investing in the growth of our events we are looking to expand our retail and media business lines to provide even more value to this group.

We are passionate about sustainability and inclusivity and these passions are reflected in our name. These themes will be a big focus of the next few years at Wildkind. We aim to reach Zero Emissions and Zero Landfill by 2025 and have similarly ambitious diversity targets. 

Our mission

To spark curiosity, encourage endeavour and create joy.

Our values 

We support diverse perspectives and discussion; everyone is encouraged to be themselves and input into the organisation and our work at all levels. What aligns us is our common values of Curiosity, Ambition, Integrity & Kindness which we try to practice in everything we do. 

Application Process

We are looking for team members that are interested in a long term career with Wildkind, and want to learn and grow with us. If you think you could achieve the goals set out in this role and would enjoy the work we do we encourage you to apply regardless of your background. We have an extensive interview process that includes completing tasks and getting to know your potential colleagues that will allow you to experience our culture first hand. We will request positive references from your past employers to support anything you tell us about your experience.

Apply Now

  • Tell us the annual salary (in £GBP) you would request in return for your hard work and dedication.
  • Tell us the earliest date that you would be able to start, taking into account any notice periods or contractual obligations you have.
    Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Tell us which values are important to you in your work, and describe the workplace culture that brings out the best in you.
  • Tell us how you would approach achieving the goal of this role and managing your responsibilities.
  • Tell us about the relevant experience, qualifications and network that you would bring to this role.
  • Ensure your CV does not contain any photos of you and upload it as a PDF file under 5MB.
    Accepted file types: pdf.